Southern Highlands Business Spotlight met with Glam Parlor owner, Natalia Harris to discuss what her business offers to the Southern Highlands community and why she loves to call Southern Highlands home.


  • Tell us about yourself and your path to Glam Parlor.

My name is Natalia Harris and I am the owner and founder of Glam Parlor. After being a Southern Highlands resident for several years I decided to bring a little glamorous girly touch to the community. I found myself driving far to get my beauty services and I knew that needed to change.

I spent the last 12 years of my life doing nightlife/ hospitality marketing and creating unforgettable experiences for guests and I wanted to combine that with the Beauty Industry. I really wanted to create a “Princess Cave” for the Southern Highlands community and Glam Parlor was born.


  • What are the most commonly requested services?

Eyelash Extensions and Microblading are both popular right now and are both services we specialize in. Both services truly are a game changer when it comes to saving time while getting ready in the morning. Women from all walks of life have one common goal, looking amazing with the least amount of effort and these services provide that making them undeniable popular.


  • Who are your typical customers?  

Our customers are women who are looking for a way to save time on their beauty routine! This can really be any type of woman! We have customers who are police officers, models, doctors, stay at home moms and everyone in between. Every woman wants to feel good about themselves when they wake up in the morning….and Men too!


  • Is there a time of year that more popular for people to visit Glam Parlor? For instance, the holiday season?

There is never a wrong time of the year to take care of yourself so Glam Parlor is popular any time of the year. For those who are new to services, the holidays are always a fun time to start! Who doesn’t want to go to all the Holiday Parties with amazing lashes and brows!


  • Do you have any fall or holiday specials to share? 

We have lots of fun things going on for the Holidays. We will have a few surprise one day specials for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas as well as the below specials going on through the holidays:

$100 off Microblading

$189 Full Set Volume Eyelash Extensions

$99 Full Set Classic Eyelash Extensions

$89 Facials

$35 Custom Airbrush Tan


  • As a resident of Southern Highlands, why do you think Southern Highlands makes a great location for Glam Parlor? 

Southern Highlands is so luxurious! Driving down the streets you are surrounded by beautiful landscape and it feels no different than being in Beverly Hills. This perfectly represents Glam Parlors image! Also the women of the community are smart, strong and fabulous and they need a place they can go to take care of themselves in their backyard.


  • How long have you lived in Southern Highlands? 

We have lived in Southern Highlands almost 5 years and we couldn’t imagine ourselves in any other community in Vegas.


  • What do you like about this community? What makes Southern Highlands special?

I love the warm community feel of Southern Highlands. The parks, the social events and the people. It truly feels like you’re part of a big family living here.


To learn more about Glam Parlor, visit their website at