Create a smooth transition.

To sell your home, it needs to stand out in a sea of housing options in the Las Vegas Valley. Southern Highlands Realty has been part of the Southern Highlands master-planned community since its creation. Our team knows the most unique selling points of each neighborhood and has the knowledge, determination and commitment to help our clients find the perfect solution to their residential needs. We guide you through the entire transaction process, from negotiations and contracts to marketing and closing.


Selling Tips

Making your House Clean is Critical – You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Remove Clutter and Personal Items – Too much furniture and clutter makes the house seem smaller. One of the key things to do when selling your house is to remove your personalize items like family photos, collections and personal keepsakes. Allow some time in the evening to pick up clutter and be ready for a Buyer to walk through the door at all times.
Enhance your Curb Appeal – Often a Buyer will make a decision if they like the house the moment they see a home from the street. It is essential that your house looks like the kind of home your Buyer would like to come home to everyday. Spruce up your home exterior with inexpensive beautiful shrubs and colorful flowers, make sure that your landscaping is well manicured and walkways are cleaned.
Repairs – If you take care of necessary and noticeable repairs it generally will increase your sales price. It increases your likelihood of a quick sale and saves you money in the end.
How to Make Your Home Show Ready:

  • Open Draperies, Curtains and Shutters
  • Turn On all the Lights in each Room and Closets
  • Burn a Home Scent candles, put some Plug-In Scents in each room
  • Clean the Clutter & Personal Items (spend a few minutes the night before or each morning)
  • Confine Pets, Food Bowls and Litter Box

Buying Tips

  • Determine what kind of home you are looking for (single story, two story, townhouse, condo)
  • Determine the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will need
  • Meet with a lender to determine your loan limits
  • Determine if you have to sell in order to buy
  • Determine your time frame

Mortgage Tips

  • Know your credit score. Higher credit scores mean lower mortgage rates. Check your score once a year to make sure there are no surprises.
  • Document your finances. Brokers will look at all your accounts with a fine-toothed comb, so be prepared to explain any unusual activity and have receipts for all big purchases.
  • Make a large down payment. The more you can pay upfront, the lower your monthly payments will be.